Slađana Dedić

{ Bosnia and Herzegovina }

Slađana Dedić was born in 1978 in Tuzla where she started her education in the class of professor Planinka Atić Jurišić and graduated from high school of music(piano department) in professor Zlatan Mujkić’s class for three school years with excellent grades. She continued her piano studies at the Music Academy in Sarajevo in the class of professor Svetlana Chlaidze and finished it as one of the best students with an average grade of 9.5 and an average grade 10 for piano. She received numerous scholarships as an excellent student.

Throughout her education, she attended chamber music classes with professor Yevgeny Xaviereff, where she also achieved the best results. She continuously attends seminars with renowned piano pedagogues: Mila Lacković, Bočkarjov, Stanetti, Vladimir Milošević, Aleksandar Serdar, Jokut Mihailović, and many others.

Immediately after the war, she played at the International Competition in Maribor in strong competition (students of the Liszt Academy from Budapest, then students of CMS Moscow), where she won the third prize. Slađana also participated in the famous competition “Jan Paderewski” in Poland, where she reaches the semifinals. Back in high school, as part of a school project, she played with several other colleagues on a tour through Dutch cities that lasted twenty-three days, where she played a very demanding program.

Se was employed at the Elementary Music School in Tuzla, where she quickly became the head of the department, and then director of school for a term of 4 years. She is currently a permanent employee of the High Music School “Čestmir Mirko Dušek” in Tuzla and a part-time piano teacher at the Elementary Music School Tuzla. During her teaching career, she won the first and special awards for pedagogical work at competitions organized by piano pedagogues in BiH.

She is a member of the jury at most of these competitions every year for both solo and piano duo, so four times so far she has received the award for the best piano pedagogue in her country, and then at the competition in Smederevo.

As a professor, she achieves very significant results. Her students from a young age, even as students, win a large number of awards at the national and international level. As director, she opened new departments such as ballet, solo singing, and introduced a saxophone and chamber orchestra that had not existed in the school until then. Even during the term of the principal, she works with students, and at the end of the term she is rated with the highest grade for performance.

Currently, she is attending doctoral studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad.